brainy-twilight asked:

Wait, what's this about brain thievery?

facts-i-just-made-up answered:

Brain hacking is a serious problem in the future. Be sure to take notice of any of the signs your brain has been hacked:

  • You have a sudden change of opinion.
  • You can’t remember something you think you’d have remembered.
  • You experience Déjà Vu more than two times in succession, or think you did.
  • You find yourself committing a crime you have no motive to commit.
  • You greet people by recommending a blog you’ve never read.
  • You love someone you should not love, such as Nash Grier.
  • You write to a blog on anon to tell them to stop advertising their novel.
  • You find The Big Bang Theory funny.
  • You find the TV Show “The Big Bang Theory” funny.
  • You see a blinking light saying the FBI has locked your brain due to pornographic thoughts.
  • People find you interesting for a change.
  • Your robotic arms try to strangle you, or those around you.
  • You spend over 30 minutes a day on tumblr.
  • You find you like Gilbert and Sullivan when you’re generally a metalhead.
  • You like metal when you’re generally a gilbertandsullivanhead.
  • Someone tells you, “I hacked your brain.”
  • You quit your job to live out you lifelong dream of writing spam to people you never met.
  • You send all your money to a foreign prince.
  • A “Sponsored” logo appears in the corner of your vision.
  • You actually like Brussels sprouts.
  • Seriously nobody likes fucking Brussels sprouts.
  • They taste like armpits.



I like brussels sprouts :(